Why It’s So Important To Teach Your Kids To Swim

Published on 03/04/2020
Why It's So Important To Teach Your Kids To Swim

Why It’s So Important To Teach Your Kids To Swim

It’s pretty known that learning to swim is an important thing for people of all ages. But, have you ever wondered why exactly it’s so vital to teach young children how to swim? Aside from the obvious reasons, it turns out that kids who learn how to swim at a younger age will reap some serious benefits. So, if you were on the fence about it and wondered if you should wait to teach your kids how to swim, here’s why it’s best to teach them as early as possible.

To Be Safe

We all know how big of a responsibility it is to watch over kids who are playing in the water. For this reason, it’s crucial to teach kids how to swim so that they will also know how to stay safe in the water.

Prevent Tragedy

Of course, this one goes without saying. It’s always horrible to hear about a child who drowned. In fact, most child drownings happen in front of their parents! Naturally, the best way to prevent this is by teaching kids how to swim at a young age. Even babies can learn to swim!


Having your kids be healthy is the most important thing, right? Well, swimming is a great sport. It builds muscle and is a high-intensity cardio workout. However, the best part is that it’s fun!

Lifelong Skill

Once a child learns how to swim, it’ll be a skill they have for the rest of their life. Even far in the future, swimming makes for a great low-impact workout that improves the quality of life in older adults.

Increased Intelligence

Did you know that swimming actually makes children smarter? It’s true! A study has found that kids who learned to swim at a young age have more advanced physical and cognitive abilities. They scored higher in mathematics, reading, oral expression, story recall, and understanding directions.