The Best Family-Friendly Movies To Watch Right Now

Published on 04/23/2020

Kids movies have been evolving to a whole new level and dynamic, animations have become incredibly real looking, engaging, and ultimately even attention-grabbing for parents. The smartest aspect is that animations have started including humor that is targeted at parents and an underlying message that will be meaningful for all. The fact that this is the progression is rather exciting as parents do not have to sit in theatres and be board but can actually enjoy the movie with their little ones. A great way to teach your child about some of life’s happenings and saddening in a positive and approachable way.

Toy Story 4 Is Coming And With It All The Feels

The Best Family-Friendly Movies To Watch Right Now


This unbelievable animation is about two elf brothers who set off on a quest to find out if there is any magic left out there. On the protagonist Ian’s 16th birthday he is gifted with a staff, a spell and a precious stone that will bring his dad back to life for just a day. He and his big brother set off on a journey to complete the spell before it is too late.

My Spy

This is similar to the b delved Game Plan. As this tough CIA agent is out to approve himself with one last opportunity. He is, however, outed by a 9-0year old who then promises to keep his secret. She breaks down his walls and teaches him to live a little. This is not an animation and even features a little eye-cand for mom.

Peter Rabbit 2:The Runaway

Peter and his friends have moved on to the city, where they are up stirring the pot and causing a little Havok. A few of Peter’s friends are captured and he turns to his human family for help. This A-list cast will have you captured and enjoying all movie long. The perfect combination of animation and realism.