A Parent’s Guide For Survival, Here Are The Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Published on 12/31/2019
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A Parent’s Guide For Survival, Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Attention coffee lovers here is a treat for you. Specifically, here we are reaching to all those exhausted parents. Yeah, we’re talking to you! Parents are like a religious cult. They get together to share ideas and basically complain about the joys of parenting. Those who don’t have kids don’t usually notice this alliance, because why would they? It goes without saying that parenting is one of the most exhausting jobs a person can have, but still, we have to stay on top of our game and make sure all our children are happy and most importantly safe! This kind of focus does not happen overnight and that’s when coffee becomes our new best friend.

Interrupted Sleep

When children are young they typically will wake up multiple times throughout the night. That means a mother or father’s day actually begins at bedtime. By the time the sun comes out and the day begins these parents will have already been up for several hours! It makes sense that they need a pick me up to help boost their energy. It’s not like they can just go ahead and take a nap, there are plenty of things to be done all before 8 am, and that’s just the beginning!

Getting Something In Our Bodies

Parenting means putting our children first before all else. Sometimes that means sacrificing our own physical and mental well being. We spend so much time and energy making sure our children are eating the right foods to sustain them throughout the day, that we tend to neglect ourselves. When we are rushing our children out the door with their backpacks and lunches, hoping to make it on time, we forget to eat something ourselves. That’s where a cup of coffee can save the day, it is surely better than nothing.

Shake Off The Wine

With coffee, there’s wine, and when you’re a parent yourself you will understand this. After a long day of managing the needs of all our many children and their activities, its nice the end the day with a glass of wine, or 2, or 3 if we’re feeling really on edge. Well sometimes on more occasions than one we wake up after drinking maybe a bit too much wine that’s when coffee comes in and helps us shake off that feeling and start the whole day all over again.