So, Your Child Has The Flu…

Published on 12/30/2019

Caring for a sick child, especially during cold and flu season when you’re fighting off these germs yourself, can be stressful and feel like it’s impossible to move on from. Children require much more love and comfort when they’re sick than adults do, which is understandable, as they’re just kids. How can you make sure that you’re doing all that you can to care for your child who is home sick from school, other than taking them to the doctor to get medication? We’ve compiled a list of ways to make sure your loved ones are comfortable while they’re fighting off the flu this season.

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So, Your Kid Has The Flu…

Keep Their Room Ventilated

Whether it’s keeping their door open or keeping their window open a crack if it’s not too cold outside, having proper ventilation in their bedroom will help more than you would ever realize in getting them back on their feet. When they are laying in their bed breathing the same germ-filled air all day, that is all their body will know. Having fresh air circulating throughout their room is a great way to get the germs out and allow them to breathe in some good air for a while. Keeping your child’s room too hot will also likely leave them feeling even worse if they are already battling a stubborn fever.

Keep Them Hydrated

This is one, if not the, most important things to remember when taking care of a child with the flu. It is not uncommon for a child to lose their appetite while they’re sick, but instead of focusing on getting them to eat, focus on giving them plenty of hydrating drinks like water or something with electrolytes inside. After the first or second day of their illness you should start trying to encourage them to eat small amounts of bland foods, but at first, just make sure to focus on hydration.

Give Them Time To Rest

There is no amount of sleep that is too much for a sick child. If your child needs to sleep all day, let them. This is not the time to try to keep them awake and alert, as their body will heal much easier when it has the proper rest it needs to reset itself and get the illness out. If your child needs help or wants comfort while falling asleep, read them a story or put on an audiobook for them. Recovering from the flu or any other seasonal illness can be helped a lot with a bit of love and comfort; sitting with your child and reading their favorite book out loud while they doze off can make a world of difference for them.