Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Backyard

Published on 08/24/2020
Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Backyard

Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Backyard

Keeping the kids busy in the summer is a challenge all parents are familiar with. Whether they prefer playing outside or inside, nowadays, it can be difficult to keep them entertained without going anywhere. Well, when you have a backyard, you have a lot more possibilities than you may realize. We’ve gathered some great activities to do with your kids in the backyard this summer!

Have A Picnic

Instead of sitting inside all day and getting bored too quickly, take your lunch or breakfast outside and have a picnic in the yard! Aside from getting some much-needed fresh air, it’ll be a nice change of scenery for you and the kids. Not to mention, you can get them to help set up so they can be a part of the prep!

Outdoor Easel

If you want to encourage your kids to be more artistic and creative but want them to get outside a little, this activity is perfect. Simply get an easel and put it in the yard. Of course, you’ll need art supplies like paper and crayons or markers. To make things more interesting, challenge your kids and tell them to draw something they see in the yard. It will keep them busy for hours.

Rope Bridge

If you have sturdy trees in your yard, build the kids a rope bridge! It will be a great way for them to let out some energy while having fun simultaneously. It’ll make them feel like adventurers, as if they’re on top of a mountain or above a forest somewhere far away.

Mini Golf

Another fun game to play in the yard is, of course, mini-golf. Just order a set of clubs and balls online from any toy store – the rest you can do at home. Use all kinds of knick-knacks that you have at home to create the different holes in the yard. Get creative with it!


You don’t have to have the actual game for this one. Just grab some spray paint and get to it! Cut out a stencil for a circle and spray the grid on the grass. That’s all! If you don’t have a spinner, you can either make on or simply use your phone and find an online version.

Slip N’ Slide

This is a classic, of course. Who doesn’t love a slip n’ slide? For those of you who don’t happen to have a pool in the backyard, this is a great idea to cool down on a hot day. Not to mention, it’s inexpensive and a fan-favorite!

Go Camping

This is a great idea if your kids love camping and didn’t get the chance to go this summer. Grab your gear and set it all up in the backyard! Not only will it be convenient and fun, but you’ll also be able to still enjoy nature while eating s’mores.

Blow Bubbles

This is another classic activity that just about everyone loves, not just kids. If you want to go the extra mile, you can blow giant bubbles by filling up a sheet pan with a bubble mixer. Then, dip an oversized wand, bubble wand sticks, or even the end of a rolled-up piece of paper. See who can blow the biggest bubble and who’s last the longest before popping!