5 Disney Movies That All The Family Can Enjoy

Published on 09/20/2021

So you’ve decided to get the family together and watch a movie, how sweet! The only issue now, is actually agreeing on a film, which as we all know can take up to the length of a feature film. Maybe Dad wants action, Mom wants a Rom-Com, the kids want cartoons; it is tough to agree on a film that fits everyone’s desires, but also being kid-friendly. That is where Disney/Pixar comes in! Producing films that the kids love, and having enough perspective and philosophical content to provide a heart-warming film for any person of any age, there are some films that can truly be enjoyed by the whole family! Continue through the article to discover more…

Shutterstock 731073715

Shutterstock 731073715


Luca is a fairly new film actually, only being released in 2021. An exciting Pixar/Disney mix, the film centers around a boy with a special ability in rural Italy. The film excellently depicts Italian culture with many references as well as the use of comedy throughout. However, even though the film revolves around children and a bike race on the surface; the film tackles many philosophical and social issues such as body image, friendship and consequences of poor decision making. Though you may look at an animation and think, “Cartoons, animations? These are for kids”. You would be surprised that there are many existing Disney and Pixar movies that cater to all audiences, but the recent combinations of the two really go above and beyond to create stellar ‘fun for all the family’ movies.


A recent (2016) Disney great, Moana is a film enjoyable for all. Boasting a terrific soundtrack that the kids will love, the film takes inspiration from the heritage of Polynesian islands such as Hawaii and Samoa. With a great storyline and a great speaking role from fan-favourite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, this should be a film that the entire family can enjoy. Moana is a character that children can look up to, displaying courage and selflessness; two values that any parent would hope to instill in their children.


Okay so this isn’t exactly a new film; and definitely one that you (the parents) will have heard of and probably watched. However, with all the new films being dropped by Disney and Pixar from the last ten years; you would be surprised that your children may not have even seen the Lion King! A timeless classic of a lion who leaves his pride as a consequence of his nasty, daring uncle; Simba battles his guilt through pure courage and friendship to return to his pride, saving the flock from inevitable doom. If your kids haven’t seen it, they certainly should; and if you have, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind seeing it again.


Another Disney/Pixar combo, Soul is a beautiful movie. Featuring a man who doesn’t quite appreciate life, he grapples with his own issues by helping out a child with theirs. On the result of a failed “big break”, he finds himself in the ‘great before’. The movie also boasts a fantastic soundtrack. The essence of the movie is the main character finding his soul, which he does through various ways and means. A fantastic movie in itself, it truly is one for the entire family.


Already a fan favourite, Inside Out is the film that explains why you feel the way you do- a team of different emotions (characters) working together inside your head; alternating responsibility! The concept itself is interesting for all, but a really popular idea that kids just love. Following the story of Riley and her struggles to move across the country; the emotions grapple with the move and the upset it causes Riley. On a wonderful journey of emotions, the characters do their best to help Riley; using any means. The movie itself provides the sentimental statement that emotions are vital and need to be validated and understood as part of a child’s development. The parents will surely understand their children better and can form deeper connections to their children.

Sure, these films may not be as enjoyable for you as the usual R-rated movies you are more familiar with, using adult jokes and themes. For a change of pace however, these films are perfect for the entire family to enjoy.