Fun Things To Do At Home With The Kids

Published on 03/18/2020
Fun Things To Do At Home With The Kids

Fun Things To Do At Home With The Kids

While having the kids at home for extended periods of time can be fun, after a while it can get real old. You become exhausted beyond belief, the kids get bored and hyper and it doesn’t take long for the house to feel like it’s complete chaos. Well, don’t worry – there are ways to combat the dreaded boredom! In fact, there are many things you can do with the kids at home that will keep them entertained for hours on end. If you want new and fun things to do with the kids without having to leave the house or break the bank, read on!

Put Mattresses On The Floor

The kids have too much energy while you have none? Simple – lay out a bunch of their mattresses on the floor in the living room! The kids will be able to jump around and do gymnastics, getting all that energy out in a fun and safe way.

Build A Fort

Who doesn’t love forts? Gather a whole bunch of pillows, blankets, and chairs and get to work! Of course, the kids should help with this one. If you really want to make the fort extra cozy, add some Christmas lights inside.

Bowling With Empty Soda Cans

If you don’t have any cans at home, this works with water bottles too. Make sure the bottles or cans are properly rinsed and empty, or else they’ll make a mess you won’t want to clean up.

Board Games

Depending on the ages of your kids, playing board games can be rather tricky. However, there are some games that are good for several ages, like memory games.

Create An Obstacle Course

If your kids tend to lose interest in activities rather quickly, this is a good plan. The best thing to do is to combine several ideas together into an obstacle course. Split it into a few rooms, or even more than one floor of the house. This will ensure your kids have to walk up or down the stairs, which, as you know, burns energy! The course doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just grab some masking tape and an exercise ball. You can add an abundance of other things that you have lying around the house. Make it exciting!

Tightrope Walking

What you need for this is some masking tape and a little imagination. You can make a whole bunch of tightrope obstacle courses around the house. One example is having your kid walk from one end of the room to another while holding something in each of their hands. Creativity is key.

Have A Dance Party

This one is simple and very effective. Just put on some music and get dancing!