The Most Creative Ways To Cook A Delicious Egg

Published on 06/17/2020

Parents are often looking for different options when feeding their children healthy foods, especially since children tend to get bored very quickly. Eggs are one of the most important food sources that growing kids need. They are packed with protein, contain essential vitamins and minerals, and also help keep their hair and nails healthy.  With so many different ways to cook eggs, your children will be so happy. So here are just a few ways to cook some delicious egg dishes.

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The Most Creative Ways To Cook A Delicious Egg

Scrambled Eggs

No one loves anything more than scrambled eggs, right? This is so simple and easy, you can even get the older kids involved. Whether they prefer it more plain with a slice of toast or they want to liven it up with some chopped vegetables and cheese. Anything goes!

French Toast

Mmmm, french toast! It’s always a beyond delicious breakfast idea. Typically made with a slice of bread, soaked in beaten eggs (and sometimes milk). You can opt for a savory alternative but its always best to go with a sweeter option. Adding maple syrup, chocolate sauce, and some chopped fruit.

Fried Egg

A fried egg or a sunny side up is a so simple to make. Just add a few slices of toast and you’re good to go. Another great idea that kids will love is to buy different cookie cutters shapes and fry the eggs inside. Its a great cooking hack!


This breakfast idea may not be common to so many. It also has a few name variations such as egg in a frame, pirate’s eye or toad in a hole. So what is this exactly and why will kids love it? Well, basically it’s more or less like a fried egg in the center of a piece of bread. Its commonly prepared by cutting a circle (or any desired shape to make it more fun) in the middle of the bread. It’s quick and easy and kids will be begging for more!

Poached Eggs

Cooking poached eggs seems a lot more difficult than they actually are. The best advice we can give you is to buy an non-expensive pan to cook the eggs in. Not only will you get perfectly poached eggs but kids can also take part in making breakfast. It can become really fun!


Omelets’ are generally made from beaten egg batter, with tons are variations that can be added while cooking it. If kids prefer the absolute basic there’s no need to add anything but if you’re kids like to explore with their food choices – the options are endless. Sweet or savory, you can’t go wrong with an omelet.