A Recipe For Happiness: This Is What Really Makes Your Child Happy

Published on 05/19/2021

Some parents are so intent on making their child happy that they forget about the basic things of happiness. Because it is neither the 10th creative course for young talents nor the extravagant children’s birthday party that really makes the little ones happy. We’ll reveal seven simple factors for a happy child’s life.

Children Dream

A Recipe For Happiness: This Is What Really Makes Your Child Happy

Playing Without Rules

Life is full of rules. Later even more than before. It is therefore important to create a space in which the children can move around free of all the rules. Don’t tell your child what to do and what not to do here. Make offers to them, but ultimately let them choose what they want to do. Make sure there is a bit of completely free playtime every day.

Showing Emotions

We, adults, know: If we are angry with our boss, it is not effective to hit him, verbally abuse him or even spit on him. It’s different with children. They often cannot channel their emotions yet. And that’s OK too. Because it is better to let it out on mom or dad than they devour anger, sadness, and so on. It is then the task of the parents to help the little ones understand and cope with their feelings.

Eating On Time

Postponing lunch for an hour or two may sound like a venial parental sin. Anyone who has ever been really hungry, someone who downright despairs, knows that you shouldn’t joke with the child’s mealtimes. After all, the little ones can only help themselves out of trouble after a certain age.

Enough Sleep

Sleepy children can mutate into real mini-monsters. And for good reason. It is important that they have fixed go-to-bed times. The process of going to sleep should be accompanied by rituals. Brushing your teeth is one of them. Reading a book out loud can be part of it too. Exciting films or an extra dose of exercise have no place in the evening. They can stand in the way of falling asleep as well as a night of good, peaceful sleep. One more thing: make sure you put your child to bed before they are completely exhausted. This is how you prevent an escalation caused by tiredness.

Being Taken Seriously

Children are small people. But they are human. Just like your best friend, colleague, and so on. Treat them with at least as much respect. And take it seriously. Those who are not taken seriously as a child internalize this feeling and soon believe themselves that they are not worth being taken seriously. On the other hand, children who are taken seriously develop into self-confident and, last but not least, happier adults.

Being Able To Make Decisions

Those who give their child the opportunity to make one or the other decision themselves will raise them to be a self-confident person. In addition, when the child makes a decision, they have to feel within themselves what they actually want. That in turn helps him with self-awareness. So give the little one enough opportunities to try their hand at making decisions. For example with the selection of clothes, the bedtime story, friends and later also hobbies.